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Auto Theft Task Force

The Sheriff’s Combined Auto Theft Task Force (SCATTF) is a grant-funded program through the State of Texas, which is overseen by the Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA). Funding is generated by a $2 fee on motor vehicle insurance policies issued within the state. In addition, local jurisdictions have closely matched the funding efforts of the State to help operate all the highly specialized law enforcement programs that are funded by the MVCPA.  

Since its inception, MVCPA funded task forces have reduced motor vehicle theft by over 60% and the recovery of stolen motor vehicles has increased by 20%. The total value of vehicles and other properties recovered by the these task forces has exceeded $11.6 billion dollars. 

SCATTF is managed by Travis County, and currently encompasses the following 14 counties within Central Texas: Bell, Blanco, Caldwell, Colorado, Comal, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, Jackson, Lee, Milam, Travis, and Wilson. 

The task force includes one sergeant who is charged with overseeing the daily operations of 11 investigators and one community liaison. These investigators are spread across various counties based upon need, and work closely with neighboring counties as well. 

Primary Goals 

  • Reduce auto burglary, auto theft, and related gateway crimes 
  • Investigate and solve active cases 
  • Educate the public on crime prevention strategies 

Proactive Measures

  • Conducting salvage yard inspections 
  • Performing interdiction activities 
  • Locating chop shops 
  • Identifying automotive organized crime 
  • Performing surveillance to apprehend criminals committing burglary of vehicles 
  • Conducting Operations Which Target Offenders 
  • Scheduling and performing state required 68-A Inspections
  • Performing VIN etching services 
  • Attending community events to educate the public 

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