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Corrections Careers

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We are always looking for passionate candidates to join our Corrections Bureau. Our officers have established a standard of dedication, dependability, excellence and integrity. We offer many career opportunities, whether you would like to become part of one of our specialized units or pursue a position of leadership. If you want a rewarding career that challenges you, provides an exciting work experience and makes a difference in our community, then we want YOU as a part of our team! 

Current Job Openings & Application Process



We offer a competitive salary starting at $55,000.00/year.

5+ years of experience w/ intermediate license or higher: $58,349.50/year

After hire, if eligible for Sr. CO: $61,103.31

10+ years of experience w/ advanced license or higher: $61,902.98/year

After hire, if eligible for Sr. CO: $64,824.51

Entry level positions to consider: 

Security Coordinator

Minimum requirements: U.S. Citizen; 18 years of age; a high school diploma or GED; and successfully pass required entry test. Security Coordinators can apply to be a Corrections Cadet once they turn 20 years of age and are able to pass the physical readiness test.  

Corrections Officer

Minimum requirements: US. Citizen, 20 years of age, a high school diploma or GED; a valid driver’s license; and successfully pass the required entry tests which include a physical readiness test. 

Upon successful completion of your first year as a Corrections Officer and the Corrections Officer Basic Academy, you will receive your Corrections Officer license which includes a pay increase. At the end of your second year and successful completion of a promotional exam, you will become a Senior Corrections Officer which also includes a pay increase. 

We have many specialized units within the Corrections Bureau that will allow you to gain additional experience and training. As a Senior Corrections Officer, you are eligible to apply to be part of one of our specialized units or apply for our Basic Peace Officer Academy.   

Below are a few of our specialized units: 

  • Booking Intake   
  • Corrections Tactical Unit 
  • Courthouse Security 
  • Hospital Visitation Unit   
  • Marketable Skills  
  • Technology Unit 
  • Transportation 
  • Warehouse  

The career path in Corrections, after becoming a Senior Corrections Officer, is Corrections Sergeant and Corrections Lieutenant.   

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