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Training Academy


The TCSO Training Academy is a regional training academy licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). We provide training to all members of our agency and develop engaging curriculum and assure effective policies are established to govern the agency's daily operation. 

Training is offered via traditional classroom courses, field or practical application training, and online. We train over 1,200 sworn and civilian staff members each year. Training is also available for out of county Peace Officers as well that need state mandated courses to maintain their license. 

We are committed to go above and beyond the state’s mandated training (listed below). A sample of some of the additional training our Officers complete are in De-escalation, Communications, Crisis Intervention Training and Cultural Diversity Training. 

Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC)

BPOC is a nine month program where the students receive over 900 hours of instruction over all aspects of Law Enforcement. The state requires each student receive almost 700 hours of instruction, but TCSO adds almost 300 more hours of training and various other stress induced reality based training scenarios to include Dealing with the Mentally Ill, De-Escalation, Traffic Stops, Family Disturbances and other emergency situations. The goal of BPOC is to educate, equip, and prepare the best, qualified candidates to serve as deputies.  

Corrections Basic Recruit Academy (COBRA)

 All new-hire Corrections Officers attend the COBRA course while on-duty within their first year of employment; TCOLE provides a one year, temporary Corrections Officer license. COBRA is 360 hours of very educational, detailed and supportive instruction that consists of the following:  

  • PHASE 1: Course satisfies TCOLE requirements for the Basic County Corrections course; topics include booking, identification, inmate rights, head-counts, emergency procedures, searches, classifications, health services, etc.   
  • PHASE 2: Course highlights those areas that are fundamental to normal and emergency operations of the Travis County Correctional system; topics include defensive tactics, firearms training, CPR, smoke-house safety, departmental policies, interpersonal communication, wellness, etc.  


The Doyne Bailey Firearms Training Center focuses on educating and preparing the staff of the TCSO on all approved weapon systems so they may be confident in their abilities when dealing with firearms. Under the direction of the Range Master, the firearms instructors educate, train and qualify the over 1,200 sworn staff members on an annual basis. 

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