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We are a family of highly trained professionals whose mission is to provide innovative law enforcement and correctional services in a holistic manner through collaborative partnerships.


Our vision is a strong bond with our diverse community; that they are confident in our compassion, approachability, competence, and trustworthiness.


Trust - An Honor That Must Be Earned

Trust is the backbone of our relationships with each other and with the community we serve. Trust is a choice that is made, then proven by behavior. It stands the test of time and requires us to cultivate its characteristics: integrity, reliability, fairness, and sincerity.

Community - Our Strength Is In Our Relationship

We serve one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation. We are committed to working together with residents from all walks of life for the safety and success of each and every neighborhood.

Security - It Is Fundamental For the Quality of Life

Maintaining a balance between safety, the rule of law, and the rights of individuals makes us approachable. Both on the street and in our facilities, we will provide an environment for employees, the public and those in our custody that is safe and dignified.

Openness - A Foundation We Can Build On

We are all real people with dreams, opinions, passions and flaws. We all seek to achieve and climb higher than we are. Through partnerships, collaboration and open communication we embrace new ideas that propel us forward. We strive to offer the kind of work and living environment that fosters honesty and protects the rights of all.


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