**Funds received by an inmate and placed on his / her account may be utilized to purchase up to $100 of commissary items per week through the Keefe Commissary Network. Restrictions may apply.**

How do I Send an Inmate Money?


TCCC, Finance Office, Bldg. #230 (map)

3614 Bill Price Rd.

Del Valle, Texas 78617                                           

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm. Closed holidays and weekends. No credit/debit cards or checks are accepted. Money orders and/or cashiers checks must be made, pay to the order of “Inmate Trust Fund” (no fees apply). 


Inmate Trust Fund

P.O Box 1368

Del Valle, Texas 78617

Send money order and/or cashier's checks made payable to "Inmate Trust Fund". Include the following information: Inmate name, booking number, date of birth, sender's name and return address. (No fees apply)


As an additional service provided solely  by Western Union®, you can send money to an inmate in the Travis County Jail or Travis Correctional Complex. Western Union® offers three convenient payment methods. Credit/Debit cards accepted. (Western Union® fees apply) All Western Union® deposits are received and posted the following business day.

The following information is needed for all 3 deposit options:

  • Inmate Account: 7 digit booking number and last name. Example: 1234567Smith or 123457Gonzalesortiz (no hyphens or spaces, up to 23 characters)
  • Travis County Sheriff "code city": (TCSOITF TX)

Contact Western Union:

  • Internet - Click HERE for Western Union® online. Select: Send money to an inmate (pre-selected on our hyperlink) and follow the online instructions.

  • At Western Union® Agent - Click HERE or call (800) 325-6000 to find a participating agent near you. Advise the agent/retailer that you are sending money to an inmate.

  • By Phone - Call (800) 634-3422 (Spanish (800) 325 0445) Follow the phone instructions. A discounted fee is available when you speak to a live operator.

Western Union options are provided on this website as a convenient method for deposits and in no way ties the Travis County Sheriff to Western Union’s operations. All transaction fees go to Western Union® for providing these services. The Sheriff’s Office does not receive or collect money for these services. View the Western Union® website for a complete fee schedule. Western Union® links and instructions are subject to change at any time. Should you experience a problem please call Western Union® customer service at (800) 325-6000. Western Union® is a federally registered service mark of Western Union Holdings, Inc. and used with permission.

How Do I Purchase Commissary for an Inmate?

 Access SecurePak is your one-stop-shop for sending gift packages to your family and friends in the Travis County Jail and Travis County Correctional Complex. The orders do NOT count towards the inmates weekly commissary allowances. Each inmate may have up to $100 total worth of product purchased through SecurePak each week. SecurePak orders are batched and sent to Travis County from the warehouse each week, inmates will receive the order 5-10 days after the batching process. Find out more about purchasing commissary on the SecurePak page.


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