Estray Unit

The mission of the Travis County Sheriff's Office Estray Unit is to protect all livestock from harm, theft or from roaming at large. We will enforce all applicable laws to safeguard the welfare of the public and the livestock. The Estray Unit could better be described as the "Livestock Unit". This Unit is responsible for enforcing all applicable laws and with particular emphasis on the Livestock Laws of the State of Texas and the Texas Agriculture Code. The Texas Agriculture code defined "Estray" as stray livestock, stray exotic livestock, or stray exotic fowl. Loose livestock or Estrays are a major concern in Travis County. The estray problem creates a danger of property damage and even death on our roadways. With the continual growth in population and more cars on the roadways the problem continues to grow. The Texas Legislature has assigned the duties to the Sheriff of each county to deal with the problem. For more information download the Travis County STOCK LAW.

Running at Large on Highway Prohibited:

A person who owns or has responsibility for the control of a horse, mule, donkey, cow, bull, hog, sheep or goat, may not knowingly permit the animal to traverse or roam at large, unattended, on the right-of-way of a highway. Discovery of an Estray and duty to report to the Sheriff: It is also important to know that if a citizen discovers livestock on his or her property without their permission they must report the presence of the estray to the Sheriff as soon as reasonably possible. It is then the Sheriff's responsibility to attempt to identify the owner of the animal and notify them for recovery except that if it is determined that the Estray is dangerous to the public then the Estray may be immediately impounded. You can learn more about the Estray Laws by visiting:

Impound Animal - Not for Sale or Adoption:

Please visit René Bates Auctioneers to inquire about animals available for auction.

DateLivestock Seized AddressCase Number
9-18-18 Yellow Cow, Black Cow, and a Red/White Cow   11034 N. US Highway 183, (Travis County/Caldwell
County line)
9-11-18 Chestnut Gelding   19600 Blake Manor Rd. 18-25290
9-6-18 Brown/Black/White Nanny Goat &Brown/Black/White Billy Goat   20800 Liveoak Ln. 18-24917
8-27-18 White Miniature Stallion   21935 Ann Showers Dr. 18-23978
8-20-18 White Brahman Cross Cow   13410 Sandeen Rd. 18-23324
8-17-18 White & Black Miniature Stallion   10300 Doyle Rd. 18-23032
8-16-18 White Female Sheep   5210 Wolf Pack Dr. 18-22937
8-15-18 Jack Donkey black in color   8201 Hillock Ter. 18-22848
8-14-18 Two Grulla Miniature Stallions   17902 FM 1100 Rd. 18-22782
8-9-18 Female Boer Goat   10300 E US 290 Hwy 18-22297
6-15-18 Red Roan Mare   9113 Williamson Rd. 18-16961

Animal Cruelty

If you want to file a report on Animal Cruelty, please contact East Command at 512-854-9721. 

The Travis County Sheriff's Office investigates animal cruelty cases in violation of Penal Code: 42.09 and sub chapters. Penal Code 42.09 covers cruelty to livestock, attacks on assistance animals and cruelty to non livestock animals. Investigations cover animal abusers, abusive animal breeders and animal hoarders who fail to take care of their pets. The Detectives do Not investigate Dangerous Animals, Animals at Large, Nuisance Animals and Animal bites. Those events are handled by Animal Control and Estray Officers.

Leash Laws

More information on Travis County Leash Laws.



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