The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) Family Violence Unit makes up half of the Special Crimes Unit in the Central Command. Accommodating its case load is a staff of four detectives, four Victim Services personnel, one full time law enforcement specialist, and another law enforcement specialist serving multiple investigative units within the agency. The Family Violence Unit is an integral part of the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Protection Team, a multi-agency collaboration of victim advocates who seek to ensure the safety of all victims of domestic violence in Travis County. Family Violence Protection Team member agencies include, but are not limited to, TCSO, Austin Police Department, Precinct 5 Constables Office, Travis County District Attorney’s Office, Travis County Attorney’s office, Safe Place, Texas Advocacy Project, and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid. As a team, we seek to be the advocates of domestic violence victims to ensure that justice is served in the safest and least traumatic environment possible.

Housed at our main office at 5555 Airport Blvd. in Austin, the Family Violence Unit conducts criminal investigations into allegations of domestic violence against victims 15 years of age or older, but less than 65 years of age. Our primary goal is to protect victims through education and successful prosecution to end the cycle of violence.

TCSO Family Violence Unit: (512)854-9770 or (512)854-4333

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