Battle of the Badges


The 2016 TRAVIS COUNTY BATTLE OF THE BADGES was a success thanks to the many participants, volunteers, sponsors and spectators! Thanks to everyone who contributed… with your help we were able to grow this amazing event and donate even MORE to charity than ever before! Check out these stats:

TOTAL ATTENDEES: 3,100 + spectators, participants & volunteers


    • 6,000 DIAPERS
    • OVER $27,000
    • $3,500


  1. Wong (AFD) vs Jones (TCSO) – Jones by unanimous decision
  2. Schuneman (GFD) vs Rico (TCSO) – Schuneman by unanimous decision
  3. Schaefer (AFD) vs Allare (APD) – Schaefer by split decision
  4. Hope (AFD) vs Stovall (TCDA) – Hope by unanimous decision
  5. Cummings (AFD) vs Cavendish (TCSO) – Cummings by split decision
  6. Whitton (ESD 11) vs DeLaRosa (HCSO) – Whitton by TKO 1
  7. Smith (AFD) vs Zahn (TCSO) – Zahn by split decision
  8. Blumberg (ATCEMS/MFD) vs Haney (TCSO) – Haney by unanimous decision
  9. Fowles (RRFD) vs Wilson (KPD) – Fowles by unanimous decision
  10. Hernandez (AFD) vs Campbell (APD) – Campbell by split decision
  11. Kirchner (AFD) vs Lefco (TCSO) – Lefco by split decision
  12. Thomas (ESD 12) vs Davis (TCSO) – Thomas by TKO 3
  13. Busby (AFD) vs Wolf (APD) – Busby by TKO 2
  14. Horton (AFD) vs Vorpahl (TCSO) – Horton by unanimous decision
  15. Vommaro (TFD) vs Weems (APD) – Vommaro by unanimous decision
  16. Bennett (AFD) vs Toporek (APD) – Bennett by unanimous decision

***The RED TEAM took the “W”, winning 11 of the 17 bouts

All of the boxers made the personal choice to step in the ring to raise money for charity and that is no small thing! We appreciate each and every one of their efforts. What a great night of entertainment by everyone involved!

The talented Kristen Dark from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office will be working on putting together the Battle of the Badges DVD for distribution to participants including boxers, sponsors, ring girls, sirens and coordinators. DVDs remaining after distribution will be sold to the public (more info to come). The DVD release is expected in the next 3 months. LIKE the Facebook page for more information.

The Sheriff Hamilton and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office has been proud to host the Travis County Battle of the Badges over the last couple of years. With a new Sheriff on the horizon at the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in 2017 we are not able to commit to hosting the 2017 Battle of the Badges on the new Sheriff’s behalf. We invite any involved agency to take over the reins on the Battle of the Badges and step up to host the 2017 event. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office is willing and able to share all of the tricks of the trade that we have learned over the past two years and open our doors to meet with any interested agencies to continue the charity event!


2016 Ring Girls

Danielle, Stacy, Brandy, Kaley, Tia


2016 Sirens

Lihn, Nikita, Gaby, Kendra (TCSO)

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