The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Central Warrants Division maintains and executes criminal arrest warrants. Central Warrants is relied upon to have these records readily available for warrant confirmations, executions and court recalls by processing and entering documents into the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Warrant database, as well as the Texas and National Crime information Centers (TCIC/NCIC) -- 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Warrant Information

Travis County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Information can be obtained by accessing Warrants on Web (WOW) or by calling our office at (512) 854-9751. When calling, please follow the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automated attendant and use either the phone key pad or speak to the IVR attendant. Our search system only applies to Travis County Sheriffs Office; if you are searching for an arrest warrant from another Texas law enforcement agency, you will need to contact that agency directly.

Child Support Warrants

For more information on Child Support Warrants, contact Constable Precinct Five Warrant Office at (512) 854-9582 or visit their website.

Class C Warrants

This office does not maintain Class C Warrants of Arrest or information for Traffic Citations, etc. Class C Warrants are issued by the Municipal Court or the Justice of the Peace Precinct, in the jurisdiction where the Class C Offense occurred or the traffic citation was issued. See the back of the Traffic Citation to locate the Municipal Court or the Justice of the Peace Precinct for your court appearance. Failure to appear in court, within the specified date indicated on the citation, will result in a warrant for your arrest.

If you received a Traffic Citation issued by the Austin Police Department (APD) , please contact City of Austin Municipal Court at (512) 974-4800 or to search for a warrant of arrest, visit their warrant website. On APD's warrant website you can also search for Felony and Misdemeanor Class A or B warrants issued by the Austin Municipal Court, on behalf of APD.

There are five Constable's Offices in Travis County. If you received a Traffic Citation by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office or the Texas Department of Public Safety and failed to appear in court on the date indicated on the citation, or if you want to check on a Class C Warrant, contact the appropriate Travis County Constable's Office:

  • Precinct 1: Constable Danny Thomas, Warrant Office
    1811 Springdale Rd., Suite 120
    Austin, TX 78721-1354
    (512) 854-7510
  • Precinct 2: Constable Adan Ballesteros, Warrant Office
    10409 Burnet Rd., Suite 150
    Austin, TX 78758
    (512) 854-4515
  • Precinct 3: Constable Richard McCain, Warrant Office
    8656-B Hwy. 71 West, Suite E
    Austin, TX 78735
    (512) 854-2107
  • Precinct 4: Constable Maria Canchola, Warrant Office
    4011 McKinney Falls Pkwy., Suite 1100
    Austin, TX 78744
    (512) 854-4911
  • Precinct 5: Constable Bruce Elfant, Warrant Office
    1003 Guadalupe, Holt Bldg.
    Austin, TX 78701
    (512) 854-9582
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