Woman Found Deceased Due to Dog Attack

At 9:04 PM, on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Deputies were dispatched to 12316 Fay Street in
response to a 911 call made by a caretaker who had come to the property to feed dogs. Deputies
found the body of a woman who had obviously been attacked by several dogs. The woman was
identified as,

Erin McCleskey, 36 years old,
of Austin, Texas.

Animal Protection Officers impounded six dogs from the property. The officers also found 14
young puppies that were confined on the property. According to Animal Protection, the dogs
involved appear to be Lab/Great Pyrenees mixes and two of the dogs appear to be a
husky/Australian cattle dog mix. Animal protection officers are working closely with the Travis
County Sherriff’s Office and the six adult dogs found on the property will be held in rabies
quarantine at the Austin Animal Center.

It appears Erin McCleskey was visiting the residence on a business related matter and entered the
front gate of the property where she was attacked by the animals. Her body was recovered and
taken to the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office where an investigation into the cause of
death has begun.

Contact for information related to the animals involved is Patricia Fraga, Communications and
Public Information Office, City of Austin, (512) 974-2969

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