Securus Video Visitation (SVV) allows attorneys to visit with an inmate through the use of a video terminal via Anywhere Visitation.

Anywhere Visitation (also referred to as “remote”) allows consumers to participate in video visits from an Apple iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch®, Android™ smartphone or tablet, or a computer equipped with high speed internet access and a web camera. This type of visitation carries a charge to our remote users.

Attorneys and other remote users can create a Securus Video Visitation account by going to or

Similar to the public registration, attorneys will be required to complete the following steps in order to begin visiting from anywhere:

1. Enrollment

2. State/Facility Selection

3. Choose Services

4. Computer Configuration Check

5. Identification

6. Scheduling

7. Joining a visit


If a user has never used Securus services before, the visitor will need to go to to enroll. The visitor is asked to enter in their email address, create a password and accept the Terms & Conditions. The system will validate the email address against any other email addresses in the system and confirm the password passes the validity rules.

Once the system identifies the visitor as a new user, the visitor will be prompted to enter their contact information, create a 4-digit Passcode and enter the CAPTCHA number. The system will check if the entered email address is associated with an existing user. If the email address is unique, the visitor will receive a confirmation notification.

Once the user has enrolled, the user will enter their email and password to log into their Securus Online account. The user will then choose the services they want to sign up for


After clicking the “Sign Up” button, the user will select the state where the facility is located. After selecting a state, the system will only present facilities with video visitation as a service. You will then choose Travis County from the list of facilities Securus currently services. After selecting a facility, the user will choose their visitor type.


***To ensure confidential, privileged communications, you must select “ATTORNEY” as the Selected User Type in order to be registered with Securus Video as an Attorney. Video visitation visits with individuals registered as Attorneys in the Securus Video Visitation System are NOT recorded or monitored by Securus or the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. Registration in the Securus Phone system as an Attorney on the Sheriff’s Office “Private Do Not Record “ List does NOT carry over into the Securus Video system. Attorneys must register as attorneys in BOTH systems separately for confidential privileged communications.***

When the user selects “Attorney” as the Selected User Type, the user will enter in their State Bar Number, Issue Date and Firm Name.

If the user is signing up on their PC, the user will be directed through a system configuration check. If the user is signing up on their mobile device, this step is skipped.


After clicking START SYSTEM CHECK button, the user will see a circular progress indicator checking the user’s PC for its readiness to host Video Visitation. If the system identifies the FireFox or Chrome browsers, it will notify the user that Java is no longer supported on FireFox/Chrome. The user can still proceed through enrollment but will be notified that a supported browser, IE11 will be required to conduct a visit on a PC.

The user will need to click the TEST CAMERA button to test the PC’s web camera. The camera will take a snap shot. If the camera test is successful, the user will be able to take a photo of their face, along with their government issued photo ID and State Bar card.


The submitted photos will be sent to the Travis County Sheriff Visitation personnel for approval. The Video Visitation Sign Up is complete. Clicking FINISH takes the user back to the home page. Once a user account is approved by the Travis County Sheriffs Visitation staff, users can manage their accounts, view current or past visit appointments and/or schedule a visit by going to or


For general questions regarding Video Visit Registration as an Attorney, you may contact Travis County Sheriff's Visitation Personnel at (512) 854-4666.

For technical support, please contact Securus Technical support at 1-877-578-3658, and identify yourself as an attorney when speaking with a Customer Service Representative.

***Disclaimer Regarding Attorney Phone & Video Registration***

Securus Phone and Securus Video are two completely separate systems that require separate registration processes. To ensure confidential, privileged communication attorneys MUST register as attorneys in the registration process for each system. Please note that ALL conversations to phone numbers and/or persons that are NOT REGISTERED as attorneys on the Sheriff’s Office “Private Do Not Record” List ARE SUBJECT TO RECORDING.

***Notice of Privacy Regarding Attorney Video Visits for Registered Attorneys***

The Securus Video Visitation platform does not monitor or record video visitations conducted by a registered attorney.




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