Seventh Annual Wounded Warriors Leap of the Heroes, Friday October 14th

For the past six years, the Travis County Sheriff Office (TCSO), Skydive San Marcos and Irene Mendez Elementary School have partnered together to host this very unique event, providing tandem skydives to Wounded Warriors and a unique opportunity to be honored by elementary school students and the local community.

At approximately 9:00 AM, a mile long police escort of the Wounded Warriors and their families will travel from the San Marcos Police Department to the Irene Mendez Elementary School, 1805 Peter Garza Drive. At the Irene Mendez Elementary School, the warriors will be met by about 500 students, waving American flags and, “Welcome to our Heroes,” banners. At approximately 10:00 AM, students will put on a presentation to honor all branches of the United States military. Students will also present the Wounded Warriors with hand-written cards and letters.

At the completion of the school presentation, the police escort will take the warriors to Skydive San Marcos, 517 Airfield Road, Hwy 80 South, Fentress, TX. where they will be treated to tandem skydives. The warriors and police escort will arrive at the drop zone at approximately 11:20 AM and the opening ceremony will begin at approximately 11:40 AM. All event attendees will be served a barbeque lunch which will be provided by the award winning TCSO Posse barbeque team.

The event is funded solely by donations from members of TCSO, Travis County elected officials and community sponsors.
Submitted By: Kristen Dark, Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson (512) 318-5669

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