On October 30, 2015 flood waters from very heavy rains in Southeastern Travis County took the lives of three people.
The first call of a missing person was at FM 1625 near Coulver Road. Witnesses reported a man on his vehicle in high water. They said someone tried to save him but was not successful. They left the scene before Deputies arrived. The man was found deceased a short distance downstream from the vehicle. He was identified as;
Jorge Aguilar-Torres, Date of Birth 4-21-1965
of Del Valle. Anyone with information concerning the rescue attempt or this case is asked to contact Detective Scott Schroeder, at 512-854-3234.
Another missing person from a vehicle was near the intersection of SH 130 and FM 812. Two people were rescued from a vehicle and a third was washed away. The man was found deceased about 1 mile downstream from the vehicle. He was identified as;
Edward Hernandez Jr., 11-15-1978,
of Del Valle.

A person was reported missing from a house at 8320 Citation Avenue. She was identified as;
Inez Ortiz Garza, Date of Birth 11-6-1947.
Her husband stated they were collecting items in order to leave when the house began to fill with water. Then the water broke through the wall of the house causing the two to become separated. Mr. Garza was rescued and Mrs. Garza was found deceased about a mile downstream from the house.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of these devastating flood waters and their families.

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Roger Wade
Senior Public Information Officer
Travis County Sheriff’s Office
Office 512-854-4986
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