Have you ever wondered why Sheriff’s deputies are always gathering at donut shops and convenience stores? Or what the deputies are doing while they are sitting on the side of the road parked next to one another? Or why the jails are always overcrowded? Or why traffic deputies always seem to be in a bad mood? For the answer to these and many other questions sign up for the Sheriff’s Citizens’ Academy.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) Citizens’ Academy doesn’t certify you as a deputy. What it does is inform you of how the TCSO works and how your tax dollars are being spent. You will get to meet sheriff employees and find out what it takes to be a deputy or corrections officer from the selection process through training and working on a shift. It is a free 13-week course that meets on Tuesday nights from 6:45 PM to 10:00 PM.

The next class starts on February 19, 2013 so visit the Citizens Academy Alumni Association web site at www.tcscaaa.org for your application and send it in today. The class is open to anyone who is 21 or over and lives or works in Travis County.

For additional qualifiers, questions or to get your application contact Senior Deputy Vincente Galloway at [email protected] or call 854-4989

Roger Wade

Senior Public Information Officer

Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Office 512-854-4986

Pager 512-935-1162

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