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The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) is excited to host the 4th Annual Vision Summit: Looking Toward the Future of Re-entry conference in Austin, Texas from November 2-4, 2016. Considerable, positive reform is occurring all around the country and our agency is excited to support the efforts of re-entry advocates. We believe through enhanced communication, coordination and collaboration across vested parties that we can make our communities safer by reducing recidivism, improving re-entry outcomes and assisting those who return from jail and/or prison.

The mission of the Vision Summit is to awaken and ignite communities to attain a unified vision and thriving re-entry process that enables the incarcerated to amend their place in the world, by showcasing effective programs, listening to each other and networking to make future possibilities a reality today.

The goals of the Vision Summit are

  • to host the premier summit in the country on re-entry by offering motivating, innovative, evidence-based workshops that encourage attendees to awaken and ignite their communities;
  • to put TCSO on a national level by being a leader on the cutting edge of re-entry; and
  • to create an on-going process year round, continuing collaboration and building the foundation for the future.

We anticipate hosting approximately 250 attendees from all over the country. The Vision Summit will be a highly educational, exciting and memorable event; top presenters in the field of re-entry will inspire our attendees to go back to their respective communities and create change.

A pre-conference tour of the Del Valle Correctional Complex will be available on November 1 from 2-4pm. A bus will pick up participants at the hotel at 1:30pm. If interested, contact Mary Moran at (512) 854-5463 for details and to sign-up.


Tia Torres
Founder of Villalobos Rescue
Center and star of Animal
Planet's Pit Bulls & Parolees
Bishop Darren A. Ferguson
Pastor, Mount Carmel Baptist
Church Campus Life Manager,
LaGuardia Community College
Stefan LoBuglio
Director of the
National Reentry
Resource Center

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