Victim Services Volunteer Application

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I certify that I meet the following requirements:

Acceptance as a Victim Services Unit Volunteer will include the receipt of information related to the law enforcement mission of the Travis County Sheriff's Office. As such, some of the material presented will be privileged and confidential in nature. Due to the sensitivity of this information, it is necessary for the Travis County Sheriff's Office to conduct background checks to determine the suitability of those persons desiring to become Victim Services Unit Volunteers.

I certify that I have made no willful misrepresentation in this application, nor have I withheld information in my statements and answers to questions. I understand that any misrepresentation may cause my application to be rejected. My electronic signature below confirms my knowledge that this information will be investigated, with my full permission at the time of application and at any time during my participation with the Victim Services Unit Volunteer Program.

TCSO is a reasonable accommodation agency. Let us know if you have special needs.