The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Motors Unit is a specialized unit within the Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) that consists of 12 motor officers, one Leaving the Scene Senior Deputy Investigator, one Sergeant and one Lieutenant. The Motor Unit works 10 hour shifts 7 days a week. The TCSO Motor’s Unit main headquarters is located at 3800 Hudson Bend Road, Austin, Travis County, Texas 78732.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office, by its mission, is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of the community, while maintaining the highest level of standards. The Motor Unit’s primary mission and goals are to provide firm, fair, and consistent traffic enforcement throughout Travis County with primary attention to the unincorporated portions of the county. The Motor Unit also assists the citizens of Travis County with traffic-related issues such as speeding, aggressive driving and other miscellaneous violations within the Texas Transportation Code within their respective neighborhoods and or other areas of concern. The Motor Unit also investigates collisions to include minor collisions, more severe collisions and leaving the scene collisions.

The most common tool used in the TCSO Motor Unit to deter traffic violations is working “Selective Traffic Assignments.” These assignments may be assigned based on a citizen complaint(s) of a specific and troubling area or by other deputies within the agency who know of certain problem areas. As a whole, the majority of selective traffic assignments are those worked as a result of the deputy identifying troubled areas, which routinely have a high volume of violations and or collisions.

The Motor Unit also has other duties to perform such as community outreach presentations, education presentations, recruiting duties, funeral escorts, military escorts, dignitary escorts, static displays and parades. Additionally, they work closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and other agencies within Travis County assisting with the reconstruction of fleet collisions and fatal collisions.

The professional operation of the TCSO Motor Unit, as well as ensuring the safety of the deputies requires a commitment to a comprehensive and continuous motorcycle training program. This program consists of a “Basic Police Motorcycle Course” which each deputy must attend and successfully complete. The deputies also complete eight hours of monthly continuous training to assist them in their skills on the operation of the motorcycle. Additionally, deputies are required to train in other areas to develop expertise in required responsibilities.

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