The School Resource Officer (SRO) is another example of the Travis County Sheriff’s Offices (TCSO) approach to Community Oriented Policing.The SRO Unit is made up of a sergeant and senior deputy who are specially trained to work in a school setting. They have over 50 years of combined corrections and law enforcement experience, with each having worked in various positions in the Sheriff's Office prior to being accepted in to the SRO Unit.

The SRO works in collaboration with their campus parents/guardians, administration, faculty and staff to provide a safe learning environment, law related education, counseling, mentorship and expertise of a trained law enforcement officer at their school.


To provide a safe and secure environment to the schools we service, while building positive relationships between the school, students/families and the law enforcement community.


To exceed the school community’s expectations by providing exemplary service.


Working in Partnerships with Schools.

As a School Resource Officer, there are four areas they focus on while working in a school setting. They are: law enforcement, teacher, counselor and mentor.

Law Enforcement

The SRO's primary duty is to be a visible law enforcement presence on campus to deter, prevent and respond to crime.

The SRO's advise school officials on law-related matters, helps assess school safety needs and serves as a vital link to other emergency personnel during critical incidents.

The SRO's investigate criminal activity that occurs on school campuses and works collaboratively with other entities.


 School Resource Officer Unit Supervisor  Phone Number  Email
 Lieutenant Belinda Mangum  512-854-0694
 Sergeant Roddie Escobar  512-854-4330
 Sergeant Chris Ferriola  512-854-2203






 ISD  School  SRO  Campus Phone Number  Email
 Lake Travis  Lake Travis HS  Nathan Iacono  512-533-6100
 Lake Travis  Lake Travis HS  Lisa Lucas  512-533-6100
 Leander  Vandergrift HS  Carl League  512-570-2300
 Leander  Vandergrift HS  Erica Peters  512-570-2300
 Eanes  Westlake HS  Steven Coleman  512-732-9280
 Eanes  Westlake HS  Brian Peals  512-732-9280
 Del Valle  Del Valle HS  Steven Robles  512-386-3200
 Del Valle  Del Valle HS  Mark Knight  512-386-3200
 Del Valle  Del Valle HS  Michael Salinas  512-386-3200
 Del Valle  Del Valle MS  Alfred Emens  512-386-3400
 Del Valle  Ojeda MS  Joshua Garrison  512-386-3500
 Del Valle  Dailey MS  Christopher Douglas  512-386-3600
 Manor  Manor Senior HS  Lewis Porter  512-278-4800
 Manor  Manor Senior HS  Kevin Boissonneault  512-278-4800
 Manor  Manor HS  Wesley James  512-278-4800
 Manor  Manor HS  Cody Taylor  512-278-4800
 Manor  Manor MS  Forrest Bouldin  512-278-4600
 Manor  Decker MS  James McDaniel  512-278-4630
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