500 W. 10th St. Austin Texas 78701 (Map)

(512) 854-9345 |  lisa.brown@traviscountytx.gov

Captain Lisa Brown

Highlights & Achievements:

  • TCLEOSE Master Jailer
  • Sheriff’s Unit Citation Award
  • Associates Degree
  • FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Award 2012

Captain Lisa Brown has 26 years of correctional experience and an Advanced Corrections Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). Brown received her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, both in Corrections and Law Enforcement from Austin Community College. In May of 2012, Captain Brown received the FBI-LEEDA Triology Award.

In 2003, she played a vital role in creating the Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) Operation Support Our Service-members Organization. This group works to support the military men and women of TCSO who have been called up for active duty, sending over 1,200 letters/cards, care packages and gift cards. In 2004, the group received the Sheriff's Unit Citation Award for their efforts.

In 2007, Captain Brown assisted in the implementation of TCSO's Women in Partnership. This organization is made up of employees, from all areas of TCSO, with a focus on education and retention of female staff, as well as recruiting females to the agency.

Captain Brown loves running and participates in several local foot races through-out each year. She is involved in her fellowship and participates in many volunteer events. Brown is married to a soccer enthusiast, has four sons and five grandchildren.

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