Central Records

The Central Records section is comprised of four staff members responsible for providing incident reports, accident reports and background checks to law enforcement, criminal justice agencies and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for crime reporting.

Central Warrants

The Central Warrant section is responsible for the timely entry of all warrants and protective orders received. These are entered into a local warrant system maintained by the Sheriff’s Office, as well as a state and national database. Before a warrant arrest, the staff must physically check the warrant or protective order to ensure it is still on file and active. The warrant section operates 24/7 and is composed of seventeen staff members.

Technical Services

Technical Services is a six person team responsible for supporting over 2,000 users of computer software systems for troubleshooting, ensuring the integrity and correction of data and repairing over 650 computers, laptops and printers. The Sheriff’s Office software systems consist of those used for incident and accident reports, jail booking and photographs, pharmacy and medical records, state and federal connections and several other programs used by staff. Other duties include: providing technical consultation, project-management, maintaining dozens of reports and interfaces.

Criminal Justice Information System

This section consists of four staff members who ensure compliance for statutorily arrest reporting to DPS for all charges processed by the Travis County Central Booking Facility. Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) staff are responsible for error resolution to ensure accuracy and for updating information as status changes occur. More than 36,000 charges are updated annually. CJIS also researches identity issues in local criminal databases. One staff member specializes in misuse of identity cases where a person arrested assumes the identity of another person at the time of the arrest. More than 1,000 cases of identity issues are handled yearly.

State Coordinators Section

This three person section is responsible for the coordination of receiving and preparing penitentiary packets. Approximately 3,000 persons are transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice annually. This section also monitors persons in custody for parole warrants beginning with the execution of the arrest warrant to ensuring they are released or transferred in compliance with state law. Staff coordinate extraditions for fugitives from justice to include waivers and Governor’s Warrants. Additionally, each year approximately 2,000 expunction motions and orders are received and processed which include the actual deletion and/or obliteration of data in paper and electronic formats.

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