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In 2015 only 9% of sexual assault victims in the state of Texas reported the crime to law enforcement. Our message is simple. We want men & women who have been assaulted to know that they are not to blame for what happened and as a Law Enforcement agency, we will start by believing their story then investigate the case to its fullest, pursuing justice on their behalf.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence it’s important to know that if you choose to report to a Law Enforcement. There are resources available to assist you one of the things we are committed to is to Start by Believing. There are other options if you choose not report to Law Enforcement. There are community of partners who care about your well-being and who will be available to guide and support you.

The Start by Believing campaign was developed by End Violence Against Women International a public awareness campaign designed to change the way we respond to rape and sexual assault in our communities.

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