On June 5, 2017, speaking at a Bell County Republican Party dinner, Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave clues that his olfactory system detests local control as decided by local leaders within the community in which he resides.

As noted in previous press releases, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Sally Hernandez, strives to ensure all victims of crime have an equal voice, and all who are alleged to have committed criminal offenses are held to account through the criminal justice system. Sheriff Hernandez has held fast in her belief that federal immigration laws should be handled by federal agents. Additionally, she has adamantly insisted that ICE should present warrants or court orders, signed by federal judges or magistrates, to the county jail to hold individuals in which they have a custodial interest - given the fact that ICE detainers are simply “requests to hold.”

A ruling issued earlier this week by the Honorable U. S. District Court Judge Orlando L. Garcia, affords apparent vindication for Sheriff Hernandez’s stance on the ICE detainer issue. In the case Julio Trujillo Santoyo v. United States of America et al., Judge Garcia has ruled that “Defendant Bexar County’s policy of honoring ICE detainer requests was the moving force behind violations of Plaintiff’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, which resulted in the unlawful detention of Plaintiff for a period of up to 48 hours. The Court therefore concludes that Plaintiff is entitled to partial summary judgment on the issue of liability.”

The smell of freedom in Travis County and throughout this wonderful state is strong. Sheriff Hernandez intends to stand with those who wish to take a deep breath and taste the sweetness that only true freedom can deliver.


Submitted By: Kristen Dark, Sr. Public Information Officer (512) 318-5669

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