Texas State Law requires periodic inspections of county jail facilities per VTCA, Local Government Code, Chapter 351, VTCA, Government Code 511; Chapter 297.8, Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

March 27 – 31, 2017 and on April 3, 2017, Travis County’s jail facilities downtown and in Del Valle were inspected by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. The inspection report was received by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office on April 3, 2017.

Results for Travis County’s jail facilities are as follows:

“There were no deficiencies noted and upon review of this report by the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, a certificate of Compliance may be issued per the requirements of VTCA, Chapter 511 and Texas Minimum Jail Standards.”

This marks the 10th year that the Travis County Jails have passed inspection with no deficiencies and no corrective measures required.

Submitted By: Kristen Dark, Sr. Public Information Officer (512) 318-5669
P.O. Box 1748, Austin, Texas 78767

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