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Law Enforcement: Accepting applications during testing dates only. Please visit Officer Testing for the most current testing dates.

Please review the information regarding the Travis County Sheriff's Office hiring process. Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications and are interested in applying will need to bring the completed, applicable forms or send as instructed.

For applicants interested in Law Enforcement ONLY - Please note that you must be licensed as a Peace Officer in the state of Texas at the time of application. 

Hiring Process

Each applicant seeking employment with the Sheriff's Office must successfully complete a multi-step hiring process as outlined below. Various positions will require specialized steps (as identified in bold text), based on the unique requirements of that position.

Step 1: Complete the NEOGOV online application

The NEOGOV online application will determine if you meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Travis County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). The NEOGOV online application will be completed on site and reviewed by the Sheriff's Office Personnel Office. If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be scheduled for testing.

Step 2: Complete Required Tests

Once the NEOGOV online application has been received and reviewed, the applicant will be scheduled for testing.
At the appointed testing time all applicants will be required to:

  • Be on time at the testing site. Anyone arriving after the scheduled time will not be allowed to test.
  • Bring a valid form of picture identification. Acceptable forms of identification include: Texas or other Resident State Driver’s License (with current address), State Identification Cards or a current Military Identification Card.
  • Bring doctor's medical release or be prepared to sign a medical waiver. These releases are required to ensure the applicant's safety during the physical testing. A doctor's release must be signed by a medical doctor.

A brief description of each test (excluding position specific) is outlined below.

  • Vocabulary Test. For this test, the applicant will be required to look at a word in context, and answer the multiple choice question with the best choice. There are 45 questions with a 20-minute time limit for this test.
  • Reading Comprehension Test. For this test, the applicant will be required to read several paragraphs and answer multiple choice questions pertaining to the paragraphs. There are 48 questions with a 35 minute time limit for this test.
  • Position Specific Test. Position-specific tests may be administered for patrol. This test is designed to assess an individual’s response to a typical situation that would be encountered in this position.
  • Physical Readiness Test. This test is for officer candidates only. An applicant must complete a 2,000 meter row at 50% or above, according to their age, gender and weight. Find your minimum requirement HERE. A doctor's release or medical waiver will be required prior to taking this test.

NOTE: An applicant can make three separate attempts at passing the row test, as long as they complete each attempt; each attempt must be scheduled on separate testing days. If the applicant quits at any point during the row test, he/she will be disqualified for one year. Also, 65 is the lowest passing score on the Reading Comprehension/Vocabulary (RCV) test; an applicant scoring between 60-64 may re-take the RCV test the following month.

Step 3: Complete application packet and other documentation required

Upon successful completion of the Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Test and/or Physical Readiness Test the applicant will be issued an application packet. An application packet consists of the following: Travis County Application, I-9 Form, Travis County Sheriff’s Office Application, and an Applicant Information Form. The applicant will provide original documentation or certified copies along with the application packet of the following documents if applicable: birth certificate, Military Form DD-214, a valid driver’s license (displaying current address) or a stated identification card (displaying current address), Proof of Auto Insurance, educational related documentation (High School transcripts/diploma, College transcripts or GED), proof of professional licensing (medical, counselor or maintenance), proof of certification (correction officer, peace officer or telecommunicator) and social security card.

NOTE: Incomplete application packets will not be processed.

Step 4: Background Investigation

Once an applicant has successfully completed testing, an interview will be scheduled with a Background Investigator, to review your application packet. If the background investigation meets the Travis County Sheriff’s Office standards, the applicant will proceed with an interview before the Oral Review Board.

NOTE: A complete background investigation will be conducted on all applicants applying with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to determine suitability.

Step 5: Interview with Oral Review Board

Applicants who successfully pass the background investigation are then scheduled for interviews with an oral review board. During the board, an applicant will be asked a series of general and situational questions regarding the position for which they apply. The applicant must pass the Oral Review Board in order to be placed on an eligibility list. Applicants may apply for multiple positions; however, they must pass a separate Oral Review Board for each position applied for in order to qualify for that particular eligibility list.

Step 6: Placement on an Eligibility List

Successful applicants will be placed on a list, from which selection for employment will be made. Candidates listed may be moved on, or removed from the list after a six month period, per Sheriff's Office general policy and procedures.

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