On April 29, 2014, the Texas Civil Rights Project and others, filed a federal lawsuit against Travis County, The Sheriff’s Office and other Travis County Elected Officials concerning the alleged recording of attorneys’ telephone calls at the jail.

We are pleased to inform everyone that on Friday, March 11, 2016, all claims against all Defendants, including Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton and the Sheriff’s Office, were finally dismissed. The Parties to this lawsuit have entered a settlement agreement resulting in dismissal of the lawsuit. Prior to entry of the settlement agreement, the Plaintiffs dismissed their claims against Sheriff Hamilton and the other Travis County Elected Officials, and amended their lawsuit to acknowledge that there was no evidence of knowing or intentional wrongdoing or misconduct by these officials or their offices, including the Sheriff’s Office. The Plaintiff attorney organizations also agreed to inform their members of how the jail phone system works and how to use it properly.

Sheriff Greg Hamilton said, “We accept that there are policy refinements that make the process better. Additionally, the instructions for how the system works will be made clearer for the attorneys using the system. We will be updating our website and making the instructions clearer for all involved. We are also pleased that, pursuant to the settlement, the Plaintiffs acknowledge there is no evidence of knowing or intentional misconduct or wrongdoing by Travis Elected County Officials, and further, no taxpayer money was paid to Plaintiffs to resolve this lawsuit.”


Roger Wade
Senior Public Information Officer
Travis County Sheriff’s Office
Office 512-854-4986
Pager 512-935-1162

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