On July 20, 2015, at
2pm, there will be a news conference at the Travis County Correctional Complex,
3614 Bill Price Road, in front of the Visitation Center to discuss Criminal
Justice Reform.

Sheriff Hamilton has
invited Bernie Kerik founder of The American
Coalition of Criminal Justice Reform (ACCJR). A
nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, ACCJR advocates for common sense,
statistic based initiatives to transform the American criminal justice system.
ACCJR works to create sensible change to state and federal laws that will
improve the social and economic lives of American families.

The Sheriff and Mr.
Kerik will meet with local leaders, including Nelson Linder, Gary Bledsoe and
others. The purpose of today's meeting is to discuss with local leaders the
concept of Mass Incarceration and how it affects our society today. For
instance, the
American criminal justice system is not functioning as it should. The United
States' incarcerates too many people for too long at too great a cost. Mass
incarceration does not increase public safety and threatens American democracy.



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