Texas leads the nation in alcohol-related vehicle fatalities. The need for effective and proactive enforcement of Texas’ Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) laws is crucial in combating a continued problem on the roadways of Travis County.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the aggressive enforcement of Texas’ DWI laws and to making the roadways in our county a safe place to travel. A full-time DWI Enforcement Unit was created that consists of one Sergeant and four deputies. The DWI Unit is responsible for the pro-active detection, investigation and arrest of alcohol and/or drug-impaired drivers.

Their primary work hours are consistent with the most prominent times DWI offenses occur, but the officers often adjust their schedules so they can be present and conduct enforcement activity for various special events and holidays.

Along with the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers, the deputies of the DWI Unit are responsible for enforcing all traffic laws of the state. Other responsibilities include working as instructors for current and new patrol officers in DWI detection and apprehension. They also work closely with the Training Academy to provide continued training in DWI detection to surrounding area agencies.

The deputies of the DWI Unit are highly motivated individuals with a passion for what they do. They believe strongly in reducing traffic collisions caused by impaired drivers and in making the roadways in Travis County a safe place for citizens and motorists.

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