East Texas Scam Now Being Reported In Travis County

There was a scam that was going around Smith County in East Texas and now it is being
reported in Travis County.
Over the weekend the Travis County Sheriff’s Office received several reports from people
saying someone is calling them and telling them they are with the Travis County Warrant
Division and they owe fines for missing jury duty. The suspect instructs the victim to go to a
local store and purchase a prepaid money card and call back with the numbers on the card. Other
scammers sometimes will tell the victim to purchase a money order and send it to an address.
If you receive a jury summons should report for jury duty as instructed. If you have a warrant
you should contact the court and take care of it. However, it is important to remember that the
Travis County Sheriff’s Office does not collect fines by phone or prepaid cards.
If you receive a similar call, call your local law enforcement agency.
Submitted By: Roger Wade, Senior Public Information Officer, (512) 854-4986

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