For Immediate Release: March 5, 2014

Shattered Dreams Program Comes To Vandegrift High School

On Thursday, March 6, 2014, at 8am, set up will begin for the Shattered Dreams Program at
Vandegrift High School, 9500 McNeil Drive. The Crash Scene will begin at 9:25am. Other
activities will be occurring throughout the day. On Friday March 7, 2014 the first assembly starts
promptly at 9am and the second assembly starts at 10:15am.
Travis County Public Safety Agencies, (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS) and countless volunteers
have partnered with Vandegrift High School, to participate in a "Shattered Dreams" program
designed to educate the dangers associated with drinking and driving. This program involves the
dramatization of an alcohol-related crash on or near a high school campus, complete with police
and EMS response, emergency room treatment, family notifications, and the arrest and booking
of the driver.
Every 15 minutes someone in Texas is injured or killed as the result of drunk driving. This
reminds us that too many young lives have been lost and countless others severely impaired
because of the tragic consequences of underage drinking and driving.
Families, schools, faith-based and community groups in Texas must join together to teach young
people that consuming alcohol while underage is never a good choice. Can our communities
afford to ignore the devastating impact that underage drinking is causing?
Shattered Dreams was brought to Texas, by then TABC Chief of Enforcement Greg Hamilton, in
1997. Sheriff Hamilton said, “I saw the value of Shattered Dreams at the state level and am
proud to be able to bring the program to Travis County as an effective way to get the message to
young adults that drinking and driving is a Dead End.”
Submitted By: Roger Wade, Office Telephone 512-854-4986

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